About the Sustainability Program

Through collaboration and ongoing communication, the Sustainability Program has developed a shared vision for “greening” Balboa Park. It continues to advance solutions that will help protect Park resources and strengthen economic viability, while enhancing visitor experience and enjoyment. The Balboa Park Sustainability Program is dedicated to the demonstration, measurement and promotion of sustainability best practices within the Partnership’s 30 member institutions in Balboa Park, San Diego.

Established in 2008, the award-winning Sustainability Program is a collaborative effort between the Balboa Park Cultural Partnership, the City of San Diego and San Diego Gas & Electric® (SDG&E). This collaboration is supported by an alliance of the Partnership’s members, Balboa Park stakeholders and sustainability experts. Together, we aim to establish Balboa Park as an exemplary model of sustainability and energy efficiency for museums and Parks around the globe.

These efforts are made possible with thanks to our generous supporters. Learn more about our supporters, like our founding sponsor, SDG&E.

Our Core Initiatives

The core initiatives of the Balboa Park Sustainability Program are Sustainability Literacy, Sustainability in Practice and Sustainability Leadership.

Develop Balboa Park’s capacity for conservation and sustainability by increasing the education and awareness of staff and visitors. Learn more about how BPCP demonstrates sustainability through:

  • Informal Education: Educated over 1,000 participants through the Balboa Park Sustainability Walk-Abouts
  • Formal Education: Educated over 7,000 participants through the Balboa Park Sustainability Workshop Series
  • Sustainability Experiences: Advocate to bring sustainability exhibits and experiences into Balboa Park

Read more about Sustainability Literacy.

Increase economic and environmental sustainability of our members and Balboa Park. Learn more about how BPCP measures sustainability with:

  • Organizational Efficiencies: Reduce waste through the Excess Capacity Program and Collective Business Operations
  • Sustainable Operations: Reduced energy use by 9 million kWh annually in partnership with SDG&E

Read more about Sustainability in Practice.

Strengthen the visibility, voice, and leadership of sustainability in Balboa Park. Learn more about how BPCP promotes sustainability through:

  • Community Outreach: Hosted 70 no-cost educational programs for the community
  • Community Partnerships: Inspire future leaders through university partnerships

Read more about Sustainability Leadership.