The Balboa Park Explorer program made its debut in the spring of 2014 following years of endless research, countless meetings and unprecedented Park collaboration. A 2011 study found 21% of San Diego households most definitely purchase an annual pass that included access to all Balboa Park Museums. San Diegans asked for it and we listened. Learn more.

The Learning Institute

The Balboa Park Learning Institute is a professional education program and learning community for staff and volunteers in arts, science, and cultural institutions. It was launched by the 27 member institutions of the Balboa Park Cultural Partnership in 2008 as part of collaborative efforts to achieve greater organizational efficiency, innovation, and excellence. We believe that a strengthened professional community will enrich the experience and value of arts, science, and culture for our audiences and communities. Learn more.

One Park – One Team

The One Park – One Team philosophy encourages extensive collaboration across the Park at all levels and through all member organizations. The program includes special events and communications opportunities, including social media and monthly newsletters, for all in the Park including paid employees, volunteers, and trustees.  The One Park – One Team program aims to drive greater collaboration, foster increased intra-park communications, and result in enhanced operations. All of the Cultural Partnership programs operate through a “One Park – One Team” lens to further their vision and goals by building collaborative networks and utilizing the expertise that exists in the Park. Learn more.

Sustainability Program

Through collaboration and ongoing communication, the Sustainability Program has developed a shared vision for “greening” Balboa Park. It continues to advance solutions that will help protect Park resources and strengthen economic viability, while enhancing visitor experience and enjoyment. The Balboa Park Sustainability Program is dedicated to the demonstration, measurement and promotion of sustainability best practices within the Partnership’s 28 member institutions in Balboa Park, San Diego. Learn more.