We are one Park, one team.


Collective Engagement

The One Park - One Team philosophy encourages extensive collaboration across the Park at all levels and through all member organizations. This program includes special events and communications opportunities, including social media and monthly newsletters, for all in the Park including paid employees, volunteers, and trustees. The One Park - One Team program aims to drive greater collaboration, foster increased intra-park communications, and result in enhanced operations. All of the Cultural Partnership programs operate through a “One Park - One Team” lens to further their vision and goals by building collaborative networks and utilizing the expertise that exists in the Park.

Get involved.

Mix Up MeetUp

Connect and network with colleagues in the Park to learn more about the amazing people and resources in our community offers. Sign up for the Mix Up MeetUp and you will be randomly assigned to three of your Balboa Park colleagues, one per month for three months. Assigned partners (Mixers) will meet at least once during the assigned month for an activity of your choice, before being mixed up and reassigned the next month.

Registration is currently closed for Season 20: September, October, November. Please check back in January 2020 for the next season of Mix Up MeetUp registration.

Monthly Get-Togethers

Get-Togethers provide a bit of cheer along with the opportunity to step away from your desk and chat with your fellow team members. They range from morning coffee and bagels, to happy hours and game nights. Another great aspect of this program is the chance to share your thoughts and ideas on what makes our Park a special place to work. Join us, your picture may just end up on the OPOT Facebook or Instagram page!

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Trustees Connected

The Trustees Connected is an opportunity to bring all Park stakeholders together to encourage meaningful engagement, celebrates the dedication of stakeholders, and recognizes all they do for the Park as a whole.

Community Engagement

Our OPOT community participates in local events that support our team members and create an inclusive environment. From the annual Pride Parade to Sustainability's volunteer-run events, it is important that our members are engaged and giving back to our City. We also support local groups that share in our mission such as San Diego Emerging Museum Professionals and Rising Arts Leaders.

Park Team Member Discounts

As an employee or volunteer of Balboa Park, you have access to special discounts and experiences. Sign up for our newsletter to learn about upcoming shows, programs, and more. Click here to sign up for the newsletter

Park Profiles

Every month we highlight a Balboa Park team member making a difference in our community. Learn more about their roles and hobbies, along with what is happening at their organizations. New profiles are published every month. Sign up for our newsletter so you don't miss out!


Sidney Yin
San Diego Youth Symphony and Conservatory


Pandora Paul
San Diego Automotive Museum


Alyssa Thompson
San Diego Model Railroad Museum

Balboa Park is for everyone.


community engagement

On July 14th, over 50 Balboa Park team members represented One Park- One Team at the San Diego Pride Parade! Employees and volunteers from approximately 11 of the organizations came out to march in support of our fellow Park team members and friends, defining what the “One Park- One Team” motto of inclusion and equality means to us. Read more