2020 Smith Leadership Symposium

Kristen Mihalko

Everyone is a leader, no matter what your job title or area of responsibility. Join your arts, science, and culture colleagues for a day of exploration of your role as a leader, wherever you stand in your organization. The 2020 Smith Leadership Symposium will provide all participants with a day of learning, growth, reflection, and support.

Enhancing Cultural Competence

Kristen Mihalko

  Enhancing Cultural Competence A Day-Long Workshop in Two Sessions Click here to register Through understanding, management and conscious navigation of differences, organizations, professionals and employees can improve the quality of services and outcomes for the workplace and in the interactions with and delivery of services to the public and other external stakeholders. This Enhancing Cultural Competence Workshop will be … Read More

Project Development and the Agile Organization

Kristen Mihalko

Do you want to spend less time in meetings? Would you like to spend more time working with clear objectives and the freedom to make decisions? Do you want your teams to work more effectively without oversight? In this hands-on workshop Brad MacDonald will take participants through five stages of project development: Preparation, Definition, Prioritization, Development and Evaluation. We’ll discuss, … Read More

IDSM Workshop

Sustainability Program

Workshop Summary Businesses are becoming more energy-savvy, integrating and taking advantage of both energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions. Combining the two provides unique opportunities to harness multiple benefits. Integrated Demand Side Management (IDSM) and Integrated Distributed Energy Resources (IDER) are forward-thinking approaches to energy savings. Learn about the basics of IDSM and IDER, then dive deeper into these topics … Read More

Connection: The Power of Story

Kristen Mihalko

We are a storytelling species. As early as 60,000 years ago, long before the written word—even before drawings on cave walls—we had stories. Back then, stories meant one thing. Survival. From myths, folklore, and tribal tales told around the campfire, we acquired the skills to find food and avoid danger. That’s also how we learned moral lessons and how to … Read More

Understanding Yelp Basics for Your Organization

Kristen Mihalko

Bring your laptop and biz.yelp.com sign-in for this in-depth chat. Trish Sanderson and Brad Bohensky will discuss basic knowledge of all the free business tools an organization can use on Yelp.com to enhance visitor engagement. They will go through the most FAQ’s biz owners may have of the website. They will also touch on Yelp Spring Break details and potential … Read More