Sustainability Literacy

Education is the cornerstone of the Sustainability Program's success within the Cultural Partnership's member organizations. The program works to develop Balboa Park's capacity for conservation and sustainability by increasing the education and awareness of staff and visitors. Our education efforts are focused around three core areas: formal education, informal education, and creating sustainable experiences in Balboa Park. 

Formal Education

Professional Development: The Partnership supports professional development of Park facility staff through the Building Operators Certification (BOC) courses. Since 2011, over 10 Balboa Park team members have received this certification. In 2017, the Sustainability Program provided scholarships for two Park team members to complete IFMA’s Sustainability Facility Professional (SFP) certification course.

Community Workshops: The Balboa Park Sustainability Workshop Series provides innovative and specialized training for Balboa Park staff, volunteers and the community about sustainability principles and practices.

Green Impact Guide: The Sustainability Program partnered with San Diego State University to create a Green Impact Guide with new and existing tools to advise and aid in the successful implementation of sustainable best practices for the Park’s diverse arts & cultural organizations. Learn more.

Informal Education

Green Team: With the goal of infusing sustainability practices into every level of operations, the Sustainability Program works with the Balboa Park Green Team to further the Park’s expertise in energy conservation and green business principles. Learn more.

Facility Director Meetings:  The Sustainability Program continues to drive facility director education by hosting monthly meetings to discuss energy efficiency and sustainability topics and provide resources to aid in project implementation.

Regional Best Practice Sharing: Balboa Park participates in these conversations including presentations at conferences such as AAM, ACEEE, Sustainable Brands and WMA. The Partnership is a supporter of the California Association of Museums (CAM) and also participates in the Friends of Balboa Park Water-wise Community of Practice and the Balboa Park Conservancy’s project committee.

Sustainable Experiences

Walk-About Tours: The Sustainability Program hosts Walk-About tours that offer the community a behind-the-scenes look at the greening efforts of Balboa Park institutions. To date over 600 individuals from all over the world have participated! To inquire about how to incorporate this opportunity into your next conference or event, click here.

Sustainability Studio: The BPCP Sustainability Studio was a pilot community outreach space that brought together the San Diego community and visitors to build awareness on current sustainability projects in Balboa Park’s cultural organizations. Our studio demonstrated solutions, provided case studies and activities for those who visited. The studio was open from October through December 2016. Learn more.