Energy Efficiency At-Home Bingo!

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If you are interested in lowering your energy usage, play our Energy Efficiency At-Home Bingo! Practicing these helpful energy habits can be done in the comfort of your own home. These tasks are easy, simple, and take seconds to complete. For example, unplugging your appliances, turning off the lights, or opening a window. Incorporating these into your home by playing Energy Efficiency At-Home Bingo (EE Bingo) with your friends and families can lower your energy costs and help the environment. 

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Holistic  Approaches  to  Controlling  Temperature

There are easy ways to create that home sweet (sustainable) home that you are looking for. Summers in San Diego can get warm, and even at times cold! With our EE Bingo tricks and tips, you are sure to find comfort during any temperature change. Keeping a well-insulated home is vital. Windows can help to control indoor temperatures while conserving energy! According to the U.S. Department of Energy, “Heat gain and heat loss through windows are responsible for 25%–30% of residential heating and cooling energy use.” Beat the heat by keeping it out. When the sun is glaring, close your blinds, curtains, or shutters instead of turning on your air conditioner. Try ventilating your rooms by opening your windows to let fresh cool air in before resorting to the air conditioner. Another tip is using a portable fan instead of lowering the thermostat. This EE Bingo action item is quick to accomplish and will greatly save on bills. During the colder days, let the sun heat your home by opening your curtains. If your home is properly insulated it will remain cool or warm when needed! Another money-saving tip on a cold day is to put on a sweater instead of turning on your heater. 

Gadgets  and  Gismos  Aplenty

Household appliances including microwaves, toasters, fans, lamps, and entertainment systems can make a dent on your electricity bill. Using these items less or practicing energy-saving habits can reduce energy consumption in a big way. A simple EE Bingo task is to cut energy by turning off appliances or electronics when you are not using them, but there is more to this than just flipping a switch. We all know to turn off the light when leaving a room. But, unplugging and powering off your electronics when not in use is a pretty big deal. Did you know that energy is still being used when your appliances and electronics are OFF, but still plugged in? If not, now ya do! This is called a phantom load, or a plug load. Unplug your microwaves, computers, cell phone chargers as much as possible. For your convenience, use a power strip for your electronics and switch the power off when not in use. These will prevent unwanted phantom load consumption. Don’t forget to mark your EE Bingo card once you’ve done a home sweep!

Light  Up  Your  Life

Take it a step further, check if there are any upgrades to be made! ENERGY STAR products are among the most energy-efficient appliances. During your scavenger hunt for energy-efficient products, search for LEDs too. Then, check that action space on your EE Bingo card! Upgrade your old fluorescent and incandescent light bulbs with LEDs. With these level-ups, you are sure to save tons on your energy costs.

As you improve your home office, task lighting is a good way to use localized lighting that provides the right amount of light needed for a task – bonus if it has multiple brightness settings! An easy EE Bingo square is to “Turn down the brightness on your computer/TV screens.” Not the EE Bingo square you needed? How about using natural lighting to light your home. Let nature help you reduce your energy use. For additional no-cost tips check out SDG&E’s website.

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Saving  Energy  Has  Never  Been  More  Fun!

Energy is more than just a utility bill, it is integrated into your everyday living. You are consuming energy when you cook, clean, communicate, along with other essential activities. Energy is the foundation of all that we do. To maintain our quality of life, we must learn and practice energy-saving techniques. We hope that through Energy Efficiency At-Home Bingo you and perhaps a friend or family member will enjoy reducing your energy use while improving our environment! Get five diagonally, straight across, or down! For a bigger challenge, complete all the spaces – more power to ya (or less in this case)!

Enjoyed our EE Bingo? If so, share your completed Bingo card or Bingo-in-action photos with us through our social media handles. We’d love to celebrate your eco-efforts!