Balboa Park Conservancy: Preserving Balboa Park’s Urban Forest

Sustainability ProgramBalboa Park Cultural Partnership, Sustainability Program

The Balboa Park Conservancy is continuing to offer an outstanding example of environmental protection through their new Tree Stewards volunteer program. Through this initiative, the Conservancy trains volunteers on how to take care of Balboa Park’s vibrant, urban forest. Volunteers will learn important skills including tree identification, proper planting techniques, irrigation of new and established trees, and general tree maintenance. … Read More

Balboa Park Conservancy Embarks on Urban Forestry Project

Rubi BaricuatroBalboa Park Cultural Partnership, Sustainability Program

Tree Balboa Park is a comprehensive project by the Balboa Park Conservancy that will bring 500 new drought tolerant trees to the Park through a community-driven tree planting initiative.  The project will increase San Diego’s urban forest, reduce storm water runoff, improve water savings and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Years of sustained drought has negatively impacted Balboa Park’s tree canopy. … Read More