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In a typical office building – lighting, heating, and cooling represent nearly 70% of total energy use making those systems the best targets for energy savings. During these uncertain times, every dollar counts. Here are some ways your business can cut its energy use and bills.

1. Use occupancy sensors and timers to turn off lights when they’re not in use.

2. Make sure that computer power-management settings are enabled on individual computers and monitors, forcing them into sleep mode after a specific time of inactivity

3. Use smart strips with occupancy sensors which are an easy way to shut off often forgotten energy-consuming devices like desk lamps and personal printers.

4. Program office water coolers to run only during business hours.

5. Ensure HVAC settings in areas like stockrooms, back offices, and other peripheral rooms that have intermittent and short-term occupancy are set at minimum settings.

6. Hold your hand up to airflow registers to ensure that there’s adequate airflow. If there’s little airflow, or if dirt and dust are found in the register, have a technician inspect your unit and ductwork.

7. Consider installing programmable thermostats. SDG&E has a $50 rebate promotion on up to 4 thermostats. Learn more on

8. Clean condenser coils and regularly change filters.

9. Is your building temporarily unoccupied? Here are some tips to save energy during building shutdowns.

      • Take a walk around your office or facility to ensure all equipment is turned off.
      • Turn off all unnecessary lights including display lighting and common area lighting.
      • Schedule your interior and exterior lighting to accommodate new, unoccupied schedules.
      • Unplug all appliances, electronics, vending machines, and AV equipment.
      • Adjust thermostats to unoccupied settings.

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