Meet Zia Hance!

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Zia Hance is the Content Coordinator at the Balboa Park Cultural Partnership. In her role, Zia creates creative content for the Explorer Pass Program marketing and the Balboa Park social media channels. 


How did you become content coordinator at the Balboa Park Cultural Partnership?
I started with the Cultural Partnership in December 2018 as a Ticketing Representative with the Explorer Pass Program. During a transition time early last year I took initiative to work on our Explorer newsletter, and my position evolved from there and in the summer I became the Content Coordinator. My background is in journalism and photography, and I had always wanted to create content so it was a perfect role. 


Tell us a little bit about your role for those who may not be familiar. What have you enjoyed most about your work?
Each month I work on the Explorer newsletter to share what’s new and happening in the Park. We put a focus on events that are happening in the Park and the organizations, new exhibitions that are coming and exhibitions that are ending. That aspect of my job focuses on sharing what’s going on with each institution and keeping Explorers in-the-know. The other part of my job is co-managing the Balboa Park social media channels, which includes highlighting the many things going on both within and outside of the institutions in the Park. What I love most is that I get to contribute what I think is beautiful, and find what other people find beautiful and highlight Balboa Park as a destination. 


Are there any new exhibitions in the Park you’re looking forward to?
Yes! I’m looking forward to Illusion: The Magic of Motion at MOPA, which is coming up soon and I’m excited to see it. I’m also really excited for the new things coming from the San Diego Art Institute, and for the reopening of the California Tower at the San Diego Museum of Man. The tower is an icon in Balboa Park so it’ll be great to see it back.


It’s 2020! What is something you’re looking forward to in the New Year?
I feel like I’m always learning, with everything in life. I’ve learned so much since starting this role and now I feel like I have a better grasp and workflow, so I’m excited to keep learning. 


What do you like to do outside of work in your free time?
I’m a photographer and I look to shoot a lot, so I spend a lot of my free time going to different areas throughout the county to shoot. My main focus is minimalism, but I also shoot a variety of things such as film, theatre and art museums. 


What are you reading, watching, or listening to right now?
I’m very much into film, I’m a cinephile and film is initially what got me into photography. I’m very picky about movies and particularly interested in independent films, I’ll even drive to Los Angeles for a premier! My favorite theatre is the Landmark’s Ken in Kensington, they do midnight movies every now and then, and if midnight is too late they’ll play them the next morning. I love sharing movies with my friends and family and making them watch my favorites. I actually just recently made my husband watch Citizen Kane with me because he didn’t believe that some of it was filmed at Balboa Park! 


What is your favorite spot in Balboa Park?
I love the Lily Pond and the whole area outside of the Botanical Building. I usually take my breaks there or go there any time I need some air or to get out of the office. It’s so beautiful and I love that people like to have little picnics there. Sometimes I’ll make my own little picnic on my lunch and go and relax and soak up the sun.