Using Data to Pursue Sustainability Initiatives with Measurabl

Sustainability ProgramBalboa Park Cultural Partnership, Sustainability Program

To help the Balboa Park Cultural Partnership’s members use building operation data to run their buildings more sustainably, the Sustainability Program has partnered with Measurabl, a data management software. This dashboard will allow facility managers in the Park to view their building data in a single dashboard, including energy benchmarking, project tracking, and building audits. With this, our facility managers will be able to identify ways to increase their on-going sustainability efforts and implement best practices within their buildings.

Using Measurabl helps give a holistic view of a building’s environmental performance. The dashboard can import Energy Star Portfolio Manager data to track monthly electricity and natural gas use, the emissions it created, water used, waste produced, and more. With this data, their software can evaluate trends and create reports for organizations like Energy Star Portfolio Manager, GRESB, GRI or in the case for our members, generate reports that show trends in data. By accessing all of this data in a single software, building staff can prioritize projects that will have the most impact on their sustainability initiatives.  Having this resource in-hand is a great tool to gain leadership buy-in to pursue energy, waste, and water reduction projects and measures.

Measurabl can also be particularly useful in helping building managers in the Park identify anomalies in data, such as abnormal energy usage. Unusual spikes in electricity use can indicate factors that need to be addressed, such as maintenance, repair, or replacement of building systems. On the other hand, a drastic increase in gas usage can indicate that there is a leak, meter issue, or a change in weather compared to years past.

This new organization system for data will also give staff from the Sustainability Program more insight into how Balboa Park is operating per building and as a collective. By pulling multiple data points into one software, it will be easier to see the holistic changes that have been made to reduce the Park’s multi-dimensional emissions profiles. This data will also make it easier to see what to focus on to make the most impactful changes.

The Measurabl application was first introduced to staff in the Park in June, and will continue to offer a place where organizations can efficiently manage their data.

Are you interested in learning more about the Measurabl software? You can visit their website here to learn more.