2018 One Park- One Team Collector’s Pin: Fleet Science Center!

Kristen MihalkoBalboa Park Cultural Partnership, One Park - One Team

The 2018 OPOT Collector’s Pin is here! This year’s pin is created in honor of the Fleet Science Center:“The Fleet Science Center connects people of all ages to the possibilities and power of science to create a better future. The Fleet embodies One Park- One Team through their efforts, including their infamous annual Halloween celebration and their Pi Day pie competition!” 
This is the second pin created for the OPOT Collector’s series, and we hope to create a total of 30 pins for the 30 organizations in Balboa Park! You can pick up the 2018 Fleet Pin, or 2017’s The Old Globe Pin, at our OPOT events throughout the year, or at the Balboa Park Cultural Partnership’s offices on the second floor of the House of Hospitality. Start your collection now!