Back to School – Best Study Spots Near Balboa Park

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Back to School Season - Red Backpack

Back to school season is here and let’s face it, the best thing about the season is shopping for all of the new clothes and cool gear. Before you know it though, you’ll be shopping around for something entirely different – the best study spots in San Diego. We (the Explorer Team) decided to help by putting together a list of our favorite study spots in and around Balboa Park.

Here are our go-to places to study IN  Balboa Park:

1. Plaza de Panama

Who says studying has to be an indoor activity? Grab your books and grab a seat at Balboa Park’s Plaza de Panama! Looking for a more focused outdoor space? The “living room” area in front of the The San Diego Museum of Art provides an indoor feel to the outdoor area. Take in the sun and beauty of San Diego while studying, and if you need a mental break – wander into The San Diego Museum of Art, the Timken Museum of Art, or Mingei International Museum for some inspiration.

2. The Sculpture Garden

This hidden treasure is a great spot for thinking and studying. Grab a meal and a drink from Panama 66, throw down a comfortable blanket and voilà! A study picnic!

3. Daniel’s Coffee

Coffee. Do I really need to say more? Friendly staff and life in a cup. Sit down at a table, sip your java chip or hazelnut blended coffee, and get your work done. Oh, and since it’s in Spanish Village, the floor is colored in awesome bright colors and there may or may not be artists at work around you. 😀

Need a study break?

Look no further than the Japanese Friendship Garden. Head to the Inamori Pavilion’s viewing deck, where you can listen to waterfall sounds, gaze at beautiful koi in the pond, and simply relax.

Here are our go-to places to study AROUND  Balboa Park:

1. Holsem Coffee – about a 3 minute drive from Balboa Park

Holsem Coffee has a welcoming staff, beautiful decor, and delicious menu items. The shop is pretty popular, so google “Holsem Coffee,” check the busy times, and go when the crowds should be low. While you wait for your Colada Cold Brew, look for seating near an electric outlet (be sure to come with your laptop fully charged though, just in case). Also, be sure to leave a little time to find parking.

2. San Diego Central Library – about a 7 minute drive from Balboa Park

Are you a library person? The San Diego Central Library is a great study spot that gives you resources right at your fingertips. While you’re at the library, be sure to enjoy the nice views of downtown (as well as see a mini art gallery) at the top of the dome.

Tip: don’t bother with street parking – the underground parking is free with validation.

3. Home (no, this is not the name of a new cool, Instagram-inspired coffee shop in North Park)

If all you need is space to spread out your study supplies, your dining room table at home may be your best bet. The next time you’re home alone, get your books and electronics on the table, turn on some background noise (i.e. TV, music, a fan, etc.) if you need it and get to studying. No need to worry about where to sit, power outlets, internet connectivity, closing time, or getting coffee or food. If you need to find something, almost all library resources can be found online when searching the right archives.

This back to school season, have your list of go-to study spots ready in advance. Work hard and play hard – take a relaxing study break and stroll through Balboa Park’s museums and attractions. Check out the places Explorer team members go to study and add yours in the comments section!