3 Great Summer Activities in San Diego – Balboa Park Edition

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Palm Trees

Palm trees, sun, and warm summer nights – San Diegans live in a vacation destination and it’s time we start acting like it.

Here are three ways for San Diegans to make the most of living in America’s Finest City…  all within Balboa Park.

1. Be a tourist.

Grab your sunglasses, hat, and fanny pack (…okay, maybe leave the fanny pack in the garage) and explore museums, live entertainment, and special events in Balboa Park! After work on Fridays, head to Balboa Park for museums (check out the evening schedule here), live music, and did I mention food trucks? Yeah, Balboa Park After Dark is happening this summer, but only until September 1.

Museums typically have special pricing during Balboa Park After Dark. You could pay the special pricing, or you could pay $0 in general admission fees when you use your Explorer Annual PassTotally your choice.

2. Be the smart one… and impress your friends on trivia night.

I mean… MingeiSan Diego History CenterSan Diego Museum of ArttheNATMOPA… with all the different exhibitions coming through these museums – you’ll OWN trivia nights. And have pretty cool facts to share at the office. Take that, Bob.

Let’s be real though – visiting these awesome museums can add up. Going to all 16 museum at Balboa Park just once, for an adult, can cost almost $150. But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Just get an Explorer Annual Pass.

Think about it, an Explorer Annual Adult Pass is only $129. That’s already about $21 less than what it would cost to go to all 16 museums once. But, get this – with an Explorer Annual Adult Pass, you get into all 16 museums without paying general admission, as many times as you want, for 365 days.

You choose – about $150 for one time visits or $129 for unlimited visits for 365 days.

If you’ve got kiddos, the Explorer Family Annual Pass was created just for you, and if you’re 65+ years young, we’ve created a special pass for you, my friend.

If you’re a college student – I know the struggle. We’ve got a special price for you of $99. That’s like one textbook, except… fun.

3. Be in the know.

You know that friend that always posts cool photos of stuff they did over the weekend? That friend that knows where to take all the awesome selfies around San Diego? That friend that somehow always gets into exclusive events and has you scratching your head, asking, “How the heck did you get into that?”

Yeah. Be that friend.

Get updates on exclusive events sponsored by Balboa Park and partners, when you purchase an Explorer Annual Pass. With monthly e-newsletters, you’ll get a list of cool things to do, discounts on various events, and free admission to Maker Faire San Diego. What’s Maker Faire San Diego? Think “a science fair for grown-ups meets Comic Con.” Yeah. It’s pretty awesome. Snatch the early bird tickets here – prices will go up on September 1.

So, San Diego, make the most of the palm trees, sunshine, and summer –  be a tourist in your city by using your Explorer Annual Pass to enjoy museums, food trucks, and live entertainment at Balboa Park After Dark. Trivia night coming up? Be the smart one and stay up to date with the facts – use your Explorer Annual Pass to visit exhibits as they come to museums at Balboa Park. Stay in the know about fun events with monthly e-newsletters delivered to your inbox, when you purchase an Explorer Annual Pass.

What Will You EXPLORE?

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