Sustainability Expo

At the annual BPCP Sustainability Expo, local sustainability exhibitors demonstrate technologies and solutions to sustainability issues that participants can utilize in their homes, businesses and communities. Exhibitors include San Diego universities, corporations, non-profits and government representatives.

Each year, TechniArt and SDG&E offer discounted LED light bulbs to staff and community members. At the 2014 Expo, TechniArt sold 889 Products (270 LED 3 packs, 72 LED down lights and 7 low flow showerheads). Staff and community members will see savings of $104,878 over the life of the bulbs!

In addition to the LED lighting sale, 11 other sustainability exhibitors educated guests on green cleaning, composting, recycling, energy efficiency, solar and climate change. The following exhibitors were present:

  • Balboa Park Sustainability Program: Freebies while supplies last
  • City of San Diego Environmental Services: Recycling and reuse
  • Equinox Center: 2014 Quality of Life Dashboard
  • Japanese Friendship Garden: Host welcome information
  • National City Chamber of Commerce: Freebies and wheel spin
  • Nixon & Christophers Lighting Design: Spectrometer activity
  • Rexel, USA: Business card raffle for Apple Nest ($400 value!)
  • San Diego Gas & Electric: Energy efficiency program information
  • STAY COOL for Grandkids: Butterfly milkweed seeds
  • Urban Eats: Sustainable lunch from local farms (for purchase)
  • WAXIE Sanitary Supplies: Green cleaning information and freebies