One Park – One Team Signature Programs

One Park – One Team Annual BBQ

The Annual BBQ  brings together all Park employees and staff for an afternoon of great food and entertainment. With photo booths, music and dancing, networking activities and games, and prize baskets, this annual Park-wide event is an opportunity to celebrate the partnership of Balboa Park organizations. The highlight of this event is the One Park-One Team Award Ceremony where peer-nominated team members are honored. In addition, a standout team member receives the prestigious “Heart of the Park” award. Learn more.

OPOT Get-Togethers

Get-Togethers provide a bit of cheer along with the opportunity to step away from your desk and chat with your fellow team members. They range from morning coffee and bagels, to Happy Hours and Game Nights. Another great aspect of this program is the chance to share your thoughts and ideas on what makes our Park a special place to work. Come out and join us, your picture may just end up on the OPOT Facebook or Instagram page!

Behind the Scenes Museum Tours

The behind the scenes tours give Park team members the opportunity to visit and explore their neighboring museums and institutions. With both lunch and evening staff-led tours, team members are given an inside look at the making of an exhibit from its concept to completion! Upcoming tours can be found on our Facebook events and OPOT Newsletter!

Trustee Celebration

The Trustee Celebration is an opportunity to bring all of our Park stakeholders together for great food and entertainment. This event helps encourage meaningful engagement, celebrates the dedication of stakeholders and recognizes what they do for the Park as a whole. Learn more.

Mix Up MeetUp

Balboa Park staff, are you looking for a break from the daily grind and interested in connecting with your colleagues in the Park to learn more about the amazing people and resources in our community? Sign up for the Mix Up MeetUps and you will be randomly assigned to three of your Balboa Park colleagues, one per month for three months. Assigned partners (Mixers) will meet at least once during the assigned month for an activity of your choice, before being mixed up and reassigned the next month. This is a great opportunity to network with colleagues and explore the Park in a fun, relaxed way.

Learn more.